Which courses are Suitable for Mechanical Engineers?



The most common question among Mechanical Engineering graduates when coming out of his engineering study is what to do next after my Mechanical Engineering? Just before knowing the answer to this critical and common question why do our engineering graduates are unable to be employed in industries? and why are the industries reluctant to take fresh engineering graduates. As a matter of fact hardly any fresh Mechanical Engineers will be employed directly into industries because of the simple reason, OUR ENGINEERS DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH SKILL SETS TO GET THEM DIRECTLY EMPLOYABLE.


Skill is a buzzword of present day. What is skill? skill is the doing certain thing by learning and experience to get high consistency and proficiency. For example repairing the engine has to be performed by a skilled mechanic, painting to be done by skilled painter and driving to be done by a driver who has enough skills to drive safe. Hence today, there is large scarcity for painters, masons, plumbers, mechanics, electricians etc., because for all these professions there is good amount of learning and practicing is required. Unfortunately our education is much giving importance for class room learning and very little emphasis on practicing to acquire skills.


Government of India has a excellent initiative to improve the skills in over 45 disciplines to cater to the needs of the country and in some cases to export our services world wide. Ministry of skill development, Government of India is organizing India Skills competition every year at district, region and national level.


Mechanical Engineers also need to acquired to add important skill sets like Nondestructive testing – NDT & Welding Inspection to make them employable. Industries need engineers with sufficient skills to make them readily employable. In fact employers are NOT much interested to take a fresh mechanical engineering graduate due to nil to little skills he/she possesed during study of engineering, train and then use them for day to day activities in the industries.


What is the Solution to get employed for Mechanical Engineers?


To get the skills needed the candidate should undergo training on QA/QC skills like Nondestructive testing Level I, II training and certification courses offered by various professional training institutes like Trinity NDT, dimensional inspections, CMM measurements, design and drafting, corrosion courses, API training courses etc., However, quality of training should meet the industry requirements otherwise there courses cannot make them employable and the certifications does not add any value. Emphasis during the training shall be on practical aspects of the testing rather than much class room training like conventional Mechanical engineering study and sufficient practical sessions should be there to give practical exposure to each candidate.




In order to get employed, one needs to have skill sets required for the industry. Mechanical Engineers should have QA/QC NDT Level II skills in various NDT methods and also if he wants to pursue career in core welding sector should have welding inspection skills. It is the skill that can make every engineer employable but NOT just college education. You need to undergo rigorous practical training to learn and practice NDT and welding Inspections. Certification courses will enable one to get his certification to prove his capabilities. One who wants to work in core mechanical engineering jobs for sure can opt for NDT Training and certification courses. Read more about Trinity NDT Training courses have won international reputation visit: www.trinityndt.com or call/whats app NOW: +91 9844129439 


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